Jovati Mineral Grit Mixture 22lb

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Jovati Mineral Grit Mixture 22lb

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This is a top quality grit imported from Belgium for your pigeon racing needs! This grit works wonders! It is packed with vitamins and minerals to give your birds a boost in vitality at every stage of life including breeding, racing, molting and rest. Not only that, but your birds will love this grit!


Just let your birds have one peck at this grit and they'll be hooked. This grit provides a complete supplement of minerals, micronutrients and trace elements that are indispensable for pigeons in addition to their daily feed. During the numerous periods of the birds life and training, this grit provides a rich composition of natural products to replenish energy stores so that they can recuperate faster and, in turn, show better vitality.

This product has been know to cause: 

-Hens to lay smoother and even larger eggs.

-Hatchability rates to increase upon use.

-Birds to gain softer feathers.

Use: This product can be used several times a week during molting, breeding, racing or other periods of heavy activity. Use this 1-2 times per week during periods of rest. And several times per week during the pigeons growth and growing flights for the young birds.

Composition: Seaweed grits, silex, calcium, oyster shells, stomach grits, loam, minerals, trace elements, breeding seeds, carrots, CU, FE, Zn, Mn, Do, L, Sc, Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, B12, D3 and E


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